Natural Cheese Tokachi
Kyodogakusha Shintoku Farm
9-1 Shintoku
Shintoku Town, Hokkaido 080-0038
Tel. 01566-9-5600
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It is our desire to deliver lifelike cheeses harmonized by the nature, cows, and the producers to our customers.

Shintoku town is the doorstep to the west of the Tokachi plain in Hokkaido. This town's popular name is “Milk Mountain.” At the foot of this mountain lies Kyodogakusha Shintoku Farm. They produce Fermier type of cheeses and use only milk cows that were raised in Kyodogakusha for milking. Fermier cheeses keep milk's original nutritional factors and the original taste without compromising its delicacy.

At our farm, we use milk from Brown Swiss milk cows to make our cheeses. Because the milk from Brown Swiss cows has of great nutritional functionalities, it is used at American hospitals. It is very important to maintain the optimum health condition for the Brown Swiss cows in order to have quality milk. That is one of the reasons why we put activated carbons and soil fermentative bacteria.


The lifelike cheeses, made by the harmony of the nature, cows, and producers, are born in this manner. Please put yourself in tasting the products. You will be satisfied.
We make cheeses manually with the fresh milk from cows without stress as basic material.
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