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Shikaoi Cheese Factory
26-2 Minami 2 Chome, Urimaku
Shikaoi Town, Hokkaido 081-0343
Tel./Fax. : 01566-7-2537
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Pursuing for the utmost naturalism and for the Japanese friendly natural cheese making

Shikaoi town takes her pride in water sprung up from the Taisetsu mountain range and clear air. From this vast Shikaoi land, healthy cows are raised. Each day, these cows carefully produce quality milk within prescribed amount. At the Shikaoi cheese factory, they aim for the utmost naturalism in their production of natural cheeses.

Currently, their three main product lines are “Cheddar,“ “ Gouda,” and “Mozzarella.” In each cheese production, they put a special attention in creating unique tastes according to their usages. “Mozzarella”, used in pizza, finishes with rich flavor with mildness to the touch of mouth. In using it in salad, no matter what dressings you use, it creates outstanding taste with perfect combination of fresh vegetables. “Cheddar” and “Gouda” premium cheeses are kept in the ripening warehouse over 18 months and pride in the mellow flavor and taste.

There are other products like smoke cheeses as a result of lots of researches. They are not only in our factory, but also in Fujimaru department store and Hokkaido Hotel for sales.

Shikaoi factory offers soft cream with light flavor and smooth touch and hascup ice cream for sale. Please come and try these delicacies.

Mitsuhiro Nagaya

Please try our rich flavored original cheeses.
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