Natural Cheese Tokachi
Natural Cheese Tokachi
Ashoro Agricultural Products Co. Ltd.
(Edel Kase Building)
673-4 Nakaya
Ashoro Town, Hokkaido 089-3873
Tel. 01562-5-3901
Fax. 01562-5-3929
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Ashoro Town
The Enthusiasm and Affection of Northerners in the northland are overflowing.
There are 4 staff members that are making cheeses including myself. Our staffs love cheeses and the process of making cheeses. We put all our efforts to make cheeses all the time.
We produce 5 kinds of cheeses and use main and sub raw materials from the best of Ashoro. “Gouda” with light taste and “Camembert” with exquisite softness to the touch of your tongue are two examples. Blue Camembert Cheese, however, has blue mold inside and white mold outside, and gives good taste even to those who are not used to it.
Ashoro, with one of the largest territory as a town at the time of this writing, has lots of milk cows with wealth of nature and richness of resources in the land. Ashoro's natural cheeses are produced by farmers who raise healthy milk cows, providers for the sub-raw materials, and our hearts.
Hideyuki Yamada
Also, Cheese factory co-locates with Michinoeki (Rest Area on national route), and is very unusual to have observatory section with the glass windows through which visitors can observe the whole process of making cheeses from raw materials to the final products. On the second floor, visitors can have meals like “hamburger curry rice with Camembert cheese.” Please come and taste this rare menu.
We made with milk as raw material.
Surely they are the taste of the nature.
Colorful exhibition room You can observe the cheese making process through the glass windows. Ripening Room

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