Natural Cheese Tokachi
In Tokachi area, we have the foremost plain surrounded by the enormous Hidaka Mountains and the Taisetsu mountain range.
Natural cheeses are the hardenings from the fermentation of the fresh milk. They were processed with the lactic acid bacteria and the enzymes. It is said that there are over 1,000 different kinds of natural cheeses around the world now; each one of them is characterized with “a unique taste.” Not only each of their shapes and tastes is distinctive, but also the fresh milk itself is totally different as raw materials.
Among them, “natural cheeses” made in Tokachi, are perfected by repeating trials and errors. Tokachi is known as a kingdom of dairy farming with proper climate. The producers put all their efforts to make sure that the cheeses are made in the highest quality. They maximize the taste by adjusting the delicacy of daily climate changes in the Tokachi plain.
Tokachi Cheese Factory Map
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Tokachi is also known as “Northern Dream Land” that brings dreams and impressions with the most prominent plain. The magnificent Hidaka Mountains and the Taisetsu mountain range are examples of it. Out of the Hidaka Mountains, the clear streams are running in celebration of the cleanest river in all Japan. It is also known as the outstanding food reservoir.
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What is Natural Cheese?
Cheeses can be divided into two groups: natural cheeses and processed cheeses. A while ago, “processed cheeses,” which were processed by heat, were the mainstream cheeses in Japan, but since 1975, the consumption of natural cheeses began to increase up until now.
In comparison to the heat-treated “processed cheeses,” “ natural cheeses” have delicate tastes since they have live bacteria and enzymes. One of the characteristics of natural cheeses is the uniqueness of tastes in each one of them.
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