Natural Cheese Tokachi
Natural Cheese Tokachi
Happiness Fromages
100 Kiyomi
Ikeda Town, Hokkaido 083-0003
Tel./Fax. 01557-2-2035
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Looking at the happy faces with delicacy. Thatfs our happiness as a couple.

We cannot compromise even one step from the best delicacy. That is our motto to make cheeses here. Basis of making cheeses is same as “raising kids.” Depending on how much we keep this motto, and how we pour our heart to making cheeses, the outcome of the taste of cheeses is completely different.
You can enjoy the honest taste of “Alpage,” (Small wash type of cheese) and others like “The aroma of forest” with its pure milk taste, and “Raclette” which can be blended with either western food or Japanese food.

The raw milk as basic material is from fresh milk from Holstein cows at Shimaki Farm that is managed by my first son. Within 5 minutes after milking, the fresh milk is used to produce cheeses. As natural as it can be, we keep its original taste as possible.

Syouichi Shimaki

We are located at Kiyomigaoka, overlooking the vast Tokachi plain at a glance. In this restful and enormous plain, our Holstein cows are restfully eating the grasses at our Shimaki Farm. Having the blessings from the earth, we raise the safety and quality as our motto, and promise to bring the satisfaction to our customers with “happiness products.”
We pursue to bring the happiness-felt delicacy to our customers.
You can try the variety of our products before any purchase. Glimpse of the storefront
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