Natural Cheese Tokachi
Natural Cheese Tokachi
Hanabatake Farm
4 Sen, Moto Satsunai Higashi
Nakasatsunai Village, Hokkaido 0898-1372
Tel. 0155-69-4333
Fax. 0155-63-6111

In 1998, the cheese factory was built at Nakasatsunai village, Tokachi, Hokkaido. At the start of the factory, we had only one Jersey cow. Surrounded by the Hidaka mountain range, we began to produce fresh cheeses like ripening type “Tomme” cheese and “Mozzarella.” Currently we are producing 5 kinds of cheeses. Since the beginning of our factory, we put our first priority to produce the best milk as raw material by taking good care of our Jersey cows without putting stress on the cows, and by putting them in the nature as much as possible. This has been our conviction to produce the best cheeses. We still continue to make cheeses without changing our hand made cheese-making method since the beginning of our factory.

“Tomme” cheese
Semi-hard type cheese is our typical cheese. It does not have inclination, and is well blended both with bread and with vegetables in great taste.
It is a non-ripening fresh cheese. Because it contains lots of water, the feel of the texture is soft and juicy. On biting, milk taste and aroma fills your mouth.
It's another non-ripening fresh cheese. It has sweet taste somewhere between whipped cream and butter, and you can enjoy it with jam or honey. You can also spread it on the bread. It is also known as basic material for tiramisu.
Kneading the curd just like “Mozzarella” makes string cheese. It is a “pasta filata” type of fresh cheese. Since it has fiber, you eat it by tearing it in length. It has a concentrated milk flavor.
“Mozzarella” cheese has juicy milk flavor.
Cows in a huge area with rich nature Inside of the factory is maintained very cleanly. “Mozzarella” cheese
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