Natural Cheese Tokachi
Natural Cheese Tokachi
NEEDS (Nitta Farm)
162-11 Shinwa
Makubetsu Town, Hokkaido 089-0788
Tel. 0155-57-2511
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We use milk from our neighbor, Nitta Farm, to make our cheese. The milk cows in Nitta Farm are freely and naturally pastured at an enormous farmland. We stick to our standards to produce quality milk by using the best fodder and water.
And our “premium milk” mark is certified by milk authorization officials. This premium taste from the premium milk adds to the flavor of NEEDS's natural cheeses with original delicacy.

The soft and creamy “Daichino Hoppe” cheese is delicious, and is as soft as cheek in touch. The most popular “Mozzarella” Cheese is produced by kneading warmed enzyme (curd), and you can enjoy the “Mochi” like touch of your teeth.

Production Director, Saori Onodera

There are 4 kinds of “Mozzarella” cheeses. They are vacuumed type, watered type, watered petit ball type, and split type. Caciocavallo in Italian means, “Cheese on horse riding ground. ” It is tied up by hemp cord, and ripened in a low temperature. And it gives condensed milky taste.
Besides cheeses, special butters with mellow flavor and aroma, and carefully packed milk jams are also on sale.
Originalities filled NEEDS' natural cheeses.
Passing on the blessings of the earth.
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