Natural Cheese Tokachi
Natural Cheese Tokachi
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It was in 1991 when I first thought to make cheeses. As I study from the specialist, the first batch of cheeses was in ripening process at the corner of my room. Since 1994, I began to ask my friends to taste my cheeses. Three years after that, I began to sell my cheeses. It is my 7th year since my first try.
“Orchard,” ripened for over 3 months, is very clammy and smooth inside. “Timothy” ripened about 3 months is in pink outside. “Alfalfa” has condensed and deep flavor. Currently, we are producing cheeses in these three product lines. Beside these, we are putting our efforts to create new cheese products, and hand made yeast breads.

We produce only hand made cheeses with our original tastes from the freshly milked basic materials. Our family is making farm based cheeses in the rich nature resources at Tokachi plain. For this reason, our future sales line would be within our factory on the premises, and put our first priority in keeping our human relationships with our customers.

Tsukasa Handa

“Cows eat grasses and produce milk. And the grasses become the flesh of the cows and eventually would be milk. This will transform into cheeses.” From this principle, our family named our cheeses from the names of grasses.
Our family put our love to make our cheeses.
Farm based cheeses are our pride.
Cheeses under great care They are decorations in the storefront. Full of fun decorations
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