Natural Cheese Tokachi
Natural Cheese Tokachi
RanRan Farm
103 Minami 10 Sen,
Aza Haobi,
Shimizu Town, Hokkaido 089-0356
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We raise about 180 goats, which are eating quality pastures, in our daily farm. Goat milk is of great nutrition with high Calcium and Taurine. A special feature for goat milk is that it has less fat and produces less intestinal gas.

Kaori Yasugi
Operating Manager, Cheese Factory

Fresh milk from the goats is mellow and sweet. It is so smooth to drink easily. This fresh milk becomes the raw material for various cheeses.

This is a cheese that is made of goat milk from our own dairy farm.
Fresh Type
From the third day of the production, you can start to eat our fresh type cheeses. It has refreshing acid taste.

Ripening Type (plain)
The texture is smooth. It is mellow but condensed semi-hard cheese.

Ripening Type (Charcoal)
Edible powder charcoal is sprinkled on the cheeses. The charcoal powders neutralize the acids, and make mild tasted cheeses.

Ripening Type (Mixed Milks)
Cow milk and goat milk are blended. Goat milk's smooth texture and cow milk's non- peculiarity make creamy and easy to eat.

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